GYSR is a platform for on-chain incentives

As both a developer tool and an investment platform, GYSR is a crossroads for activity in decentralized finance

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GYSR offers developers a configurable toolkit to facilitate on-chain incentives, liquidity provision, and NFT staking.

Developers can launch Pools to reward investors who undertake certain blockchain-based activities like providing liquidity in a pool on a decentralized exchange or staking their NFTs.


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Live projects using GYSR

Ara directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits. Using GYSR lets us focus on our project, and has connected our community with the robust DeFi community at GYSR.

K. Faaborg

Core Team, Ara

GYSR is a great tool for easily deploying a customizable yield farm. It allowed us to focus our energies on our project, rather than on the implementation and auditing of a Geyser. GYSR allowed us to easily put in place a mechanism to incentivize people to act as liquidity providers. We are grateful to the GYSR team for being available to discuss possible alternative solutions with us!

R. Corizzo

Co-Founder, Sensitrust

GYSR is one of the most innovative farming platforms in the DeFi space. We have been early supporters of GYSR since the day they launched and appreciate how their platform makes yield farming and token distribution easy and fair. I look forward to continuing to work with the team over the coming months.


CEO, CryptoTask

Ease-of-use plays a large role in the design and strategy of Vesper. Geyser offered an effective solution to rewarding our liquidity providers and similarly gave us a tool that we could interface with rather than dedicating resources to a ground-up solution.

Jordan Kruger

Co-Founder, Vesper Finance

At CrescoFin, we know very well that our most valuable asset is our community. We’ve chosen to use the GYSR platform for our liquidity mining program because it allows us to reward this community with significant amounts of $wCRES, especially those who are aligned with us for the long haul. We are thankful for how responsive the GYSR team has been in helping us make this a reality.

Derek Mayne

Managing Director and Co-Founder, CrescoFin

Bug bounty

As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and security, we are thrilled to introduce the GYSR bug bounty program in partnership with Immunefi.

Bug bounty

Security audits

Fall 2020: Pessimistic (formerly SmartDec)
Pessimistic thoroughly audited the GYSR v1 core contracts for functionality, performance, safety, and security. Their final report can be found here.
Summer 2021: CertiK
CertiK conducted a comprehensive security audit of the GYSR v2 core contracts. The analysis considered functionality, performance, safety, and security. Their final report can be found here.
Winter 2021: CertiK
CertiK conducted another security audit of the GYSR NFT staking contracts. The audit focused specifically on the safety and functionality of our new NFT staking capabilities. Their final report can be found here.
Spring 2023: Coming soon
Auditor is conducting a security review of GYSR v3 core contracts.