GYSR is an open platform for yield farming

We believe that yield farms can help to align incentives between project creators and investors. They provide a vehicle for users to invest in the long term value of those projects by rewarding financial commitments and participation.

We want to make yield farming easy, safe, and fair. Across projects, most incentive programs and token distribution strategies are fundamentally similar. However, teams are currently left to build, test, and deploy the associated contracts themselves. This core technology should be reusable and accessible to everyone.

Further, we want to provide an open platform to mutually benefit creators and investors. It should connect project owners and token creators with investors who believe in their work, technology, and long term vision.

We have a plan for the long term success of GYSR.

After launching $GYSR token, we've only just begun. $GYSR will support the entire platform of tokens and projects that are launching in DeFi and beyond. And we'll be there to support it with new tools, new ways to engage, and new development.

Our immediate radar

Launch GYSR
✅ Deploy Geyser Factory and $GYSR token
✅ Kickoff distribution of $GYSR token
✅ Prove $GYSR can manage millions of dollars in TVL

Growing the GYSR ecosystem
✅ Launch token project referral program
✅ Begin business development / outreach team
✅ Hire content team / strategist

GYSR webapp v1.1
Improved performance and stability
Expand user access to all projects on platform

Next up on the list

Non-competitive version of Geyser contracts
🔲 Upgrades to competitive contract

GYSR webapp v2
Ecosystem discovery
Mobile support
🔲 Metrics and data dashboards

GYSR subgraph
GYSR subgraph on the Graph Protocol
🔲 Integration with webapp v2

Focus on Customization

🔲 Developer-friendly SDK
🔲 Embed custom GYSR UI on other sites

🔲 More unique versions of distribution contracts
🔲 More configuration parameters

Support the growing community

GYSR Grant Program
🔲 Help kickstart new innovative projects
🔲 Incentivize further use of GYSR platform

Who We are
The GYSR Team

We're a (small) team of two technologists with backgrounds in machine learning, algorithms, and data security.

Our philosophy: architect well, build with simplicity, and test a ton. We believe that good technology speaks for itself (but don't take our word for it... check out our audit, source code, and deployed contracts below)

Alex Koren
Solidity and React developer. I'm responsible for making sure that divs have rounded corners.
Devin Conley
Solidity and Node developer. I'm responsible for making sure the money is well behaved.
How we're Fairly distributing $GYSR
We've designed our distribution strategy with the community's access as our primary focus.

We're 100% transparent in how we're distributing $GYSR. This is a platform for distributing and rewarding tokens after all... Through all of the development, we specifically chose not to raise funds in a pre-sale, not to ICO, and not to have an IEO because we want the value of the coin to grow as a result of utility.

89% of $GYSR will be distributed to the community

These tokens will be made available for anyone to earn by staking in the $GYSR Geyser. For 88% of the rewards, the staking token will be the Uniswap $GYSR / ETH LP tokens. To kickstart access to $GYSR, we will have 5 Geysers (each with 0.2% of all $GYSR) that can be staked with popular tokens like ETH or DAI. Anyone can access these Geyser and we will be announcing the date of its release far in advance so that everyone has a chance to hear about it and get ready to earn yields early.

10% of $GYSR is reserved for GYSR team members

We've worked hard and funded all of this out of pocket so we're keeping a portion for the team. And to showcase our commitment to the project and the power of GYSR, this will vest on a 4 year schedule implemented on its very own Geyser. Our team will have access to an ERC20 token that has only one minted token, held by the team. The 10% of tokens will be locked up and earned as rewards for that single staked token at the same rate as the community.

There will be a total supply of 10 million $GYSR

1 / 3 of tokens distributed over the first 90 days
1 / 3 of tokens distributed over the first year
1 / 3 of tokens distributed over the first 4 years

We'll follow this schedule for both the public Geyser and the GYSR team Geyser.

The remaining 1% of $GYSR will be reserved for active community members and early advisors

We will set up a small Geyser with 1% of all $GYSR that will require a unique staking token to earn rewards. This staking token will be given to select advisors and community members for private access to the Geyser as a token of gratitude. These rewards will be vested over a 1 year schedule.

Every step we're taking, we're taking publicly.
GYSR is 100% transparent

GYSR will release our contracts, audits, transactions, wallet info, and more as part of our mission to build open, trustworthy, and safe tools.

audited, Tested, and secure Code

We spent months diligently designing, building, and hardening our contracts with security as our core focus. Then we built a massive test suite to validate the functionality of those contracts. Then we wrote more tests. Then we shared our codebase with auditors for third party review. Then we made improvements to fix all issues and address all feedback.

We believe in safe code, but don't take our word for it. Read the audit, check the source code, and run our test suite for yourself.

Visibility into Transactions

Every transaction we make, we'll explain what the funds were for and why we made the transaction. No secrets. No rug pulls.

Team Wallet: 

Operating Wallet:

Here's a list of all our contracts

$GYSR-team Token (used for team to stake in 10% team Geyser)

$GYSR-adv Token (used for advisors to stake in 1% advisor Geyser)

Usage of funds

The GYSR team maintains these principles for usage of funds:

1. Never affect the market price of $GYSR token
2. Diversify assets to ensure longevity of GYSR platform
3. Be open and sell on a regular schedule

To achieve these goals, and be able to liquidate funds for operation, the GYSR team will be doing the following:

GYSR spent in Kickoff or Community Geysers
The team will receive any $GYSR spent to multiply rewards in the Kickoff Geysers or Community Geyser. These funds will be diversified in 4-6 hour intervals into an equal mix of $GYSR, $ETH, and $USDC. This will be held as the treasury of GYSR IO in the operating wallet (0xa80481e3f9098602954b2e5cf306e6dee053ef3e). These treasury funds will be used to fund future development, additional security audits, marketing and promotion, and payment of future team members.

Team funds
The 10% team supply vests over 4 years beginning on November 5th, 2020. These funds will similarly be diversified in 4-6 hour intervals into a 1/3 mix of $GYSR and 2/3 mix of $ETH. This will be used to compensate the core team through the team wallet (0x977aa4f3f2e4601f73c5876598cd926b57749119). You can see all rebalancing transactions here.

All of this will only be done once the project has reached $1MM in liquidity on Uniswap to ensure the team doesn't cause slippage.

Start farming.
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