Source Code

All of our core contracts are open source and can be found here.

For a specific version, releases have been tagged: [v1] [v2]

Contract docs

Documentation that describes the functionality and API for the GYSR Core v2 contracts can be found here.


GYSR has built and launched a subgraph which indexes a variety of information about our platform. This includes data about tokens (price, name, type, etc.), users (positions, activity, etc.), Pools (configuration, APR, TVL, etc.) and more.

You can find the subgraph source code here.

You can explore and query our live subgraph deployments: [mainnet] [polygon] [kovan]

Mainnet contract addresses

GYSR token - 0xbea98c05eeae2f3bc8c3565db7551eb738c8ccab

Pool factory (v1) - 0xCAda3423d33259A94C1ED1A7AEEcb73B87D0B684

Pool factory (v2) - 0xc517A08aeE9CA160a610752e50A6ED8087049091

ERC20 staking module factory - 0xaef2a7E4CbEB875475cFb1924867B9374569D894

ERC20 friendly reward module factory - 0x101063F864E91B72a5cE06342AFc7EA5d8515398

ERC20 competitive reward module factory - 0x4E06AE5Fa48089a69D4eE4fFEE9524b06c2b7400

Pool info - 0x95bE9BC8F773D154E1aaFdBF9d1Ae30B69887702

ERC20 staking module info - 0x811a2389Ae2eFaaEAEC2f5FCa71e7DAc7533e755

ERC20 competitive reward module info - 0x6afB74b95125B9F12C99253e844d75bE8947d161

ERC20 friendly reward module info - 0x57123E57B5Dd2C9182E43dC2FEd25d4769B4B224

Community pool - 0x6C1FFDecC6520571D2C41087726611938a9Ae99f

Holder pool - 0x30C0f65D9b27EBE2CC2A49Cbcb4133230b3fb381

Polygon contract addresses

GYSR token (mapped) - 0xc48F61a288A08F1B80c2edd74652e1276B6A168c

Pool factory (v2) - 0x3cF6920b8FCBeA07700CE4A7C2F009Bb785B0742

ERC20 staking module factory - 0xB425aB121d357473259eAe4EFC038e4B113DB12E

ERC20 friendly reward module factory - 0xb2e49ED1e552f087695E18F1fabca052694A8042

ERC20 competitive reward module factory - 0x225fbc87C44324aFe99710A0503eF395c81CEB9a

Pool info - 0x21E8F11e9719BE4d91Ca2258808d833279C86D76

ERC20 staking module info - 0x193b97F66F0590E8d9D4fA372FB5bD94f20cAE43

ERC20 competitive reward module info - 0x3eDf1Fe98fd672D03724650a9CC6B2D11B2FDC00

ERC20 friendly reward module info - 0x2635888884227768bB2E5Ff9a334a6070dd86972

Kovan contract addresses

GYSR token - 0xDA9b55DE6e04404F6c77673D4B243142a4efC6B8

Pool factory (v2) - 0x9D8537D1D6a9Fae932bA86Ce02410E54453A41A4

ERC20 staking module factory - 0xFb964021fF1709cC5B54E58813ddAe74f4D31895

ERC20 friendly reward module factory - 0x88fb2e8951534200411a4D6eBd7d000c225B76F0

ERC20 competitive reward module factory - 0x5c1A02D6CAa8C954Cb30CE2B1a6C02Edd75fc3E3

Pool info - 0xb658C9582df6cF9DC50C2Bd447cd1b678ca10803

ERC20 staking module info - 0x2A63bF9353222051Ac862113FB38e1a759719828

ERC20 competitive reward module info - 0x757a4CCb65e6FA955fd8571b5504d9D1F18098aA

ERC20 friendly reward module info - 0x041868Bbe86981A4145A2292A17aA3453f14AAc8

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