Launching a Pool only takes a few clicks. The factory will handle all the work of deploying associated contracts to the blockchain and configuring them with your desired parameters. Afterwards, you can fund the contract with the rewards you’d like to distribute. To enforce transparency and decentralization, there is no way to adjust configurations after they are created.

You can deploy your own Pool here.

Selecting Modules

During configuration, you can select from the two types of Pools: Geysers and Fountains.

If you have interest in a separate type of module that we don’t yet support, please reach out to the team here.


Each Pool will require you to define the staking asset and reward asset. For Geysers and Fountains, this will be two ERC-20 tokens. You’ll need their addresses to import them during deployment.


The only additional configuration of Geysers is the time-based multiplier. It’s defined by 3 values:

  1. Period - The length of time to earn the maximum multiplier (set this to 0 to have no multiplier)
  2. The minimum multiplier - This is the multiplier every investor has applied at the moment they start staking (set this to 1 to have no starting multiplier)
  3. The maximum multiplier - This the multiplier investors will receive once they’ve staked for the length of the period (set this to 1 to have no multiplier)

Most Geysers will use a minimum multiplier of 1x and then scale it up as time goes on depending on how long they want to incentivize investors to stay, however you can specify any natural number.


Fountains require 2 additional parameters:

  1. Period - The length of time an investor must be staked to earn the entirety of their rewards (set this to 0 to have no penalty)
  2. Minimum penalty - The penalty multiplier that would be applied if an investor unstakes directly after staking (set this to 1 to have no penalty)

To incentivize investors staying for 90 days, you might set the period to 90 days and the minimum penalty to 0.5x. This would mean that on day 1 if they unstaked, they’d only receive 50% of their rewards. If an investor unstaked on day 45, they’d receive 75%. Only after 90 days would an investor be entitled to unstake 100% of their earnings.

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