Once a Pool is deployed, there are no ways for a project to adjust the configuration. The only actions the Pool owner can take is to fund the Pool with more rewards, withdraw any $GYSR spent on that Pool, and to clean up expired funding schedules.


Funding a Pool requires a balance of the ERC-20 token the owner would like to distribute. The parameters are:

  1. Amount - How much of the reward token to be distributed
  2. Period - What duration these rewards should be released over
  3. Start Date - What date the rewards will begin to be released

There can be up to 16 funding schedules on a single Pool. If there are 16 funding schedules, once one of them ends, it will be deleted and another schedule can be added on.


As investors spend $GYSR on a Pool, earned funds will become available for the Pool owner to withdraw. There is a “Withdraw” capability under a Pool’s management page. Confirm the transaction and all of the $GYSR in the pool will be sent to the owner.


Once funding schedules have expired, the Pool owner can optionally run the "Clean" action from the management page. The clean method removes all "stale" fundings (with no remaining rewards) in order to save on storage space, reduce gas costs, and make room for more funding schedules.

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