GYSR Token ($GYSR) is an ERC-20 token specifically designed to offer utility within the GYSR platform. Current use cases of $GYSR include multiplying your share seconds in Geysers and multiplying your effective stake in Fountains. As GYSR launches more modules, it will continue to develop greater utility for users.


In both Geysers and Fountains, $GYSR acts as an accelerant on rewards. The multipliers earned are dependent on 3 factors:

  1. How much $GYSR has already been used in that pool
  2. The amount of $GYSR the investor is spending on that transaction
  3. The size of the stake the investor is affecting

Because of its reactivity to these 3 inputs, the value of $GYSR will differ from Pool to Pool.

Token Redistribution

$GYSR token holders also benefit from token redistributions. All $GYSR spent during staking / unstaking on the GYSR platform has a 20% fee (80% goes to Pool creators). Half of the fee is shared amongst $GYSR holders via token redistribution and the remaining 10% goes to the GYSR treasury for future development.

To participate, you can stake in the Holder pool here.

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